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Why is Attraction Marketing So Important

Does attraction marketing really work?

With the continual change of internet marketing many marketers have modified the way they sell online and have begun using "attraction tactics". The internet has developed its own terms or language to include a new way of marketing. Of course when a new trend appears, a clever phrase or word is invented and it gets "talked up" so that we are considered hip or in the know. A new trend for an old idea, Attraction Marketing has re-emerged as as "with it" selling strategy for online and has different processes.

Pre-selling and how do you pre-sell a customer has become the first process?

The easiest example of pre-selling is as follows: The phone book yellow pages. I can hear you saying, "WHAT?" But it is true. I bet right now you have your copy on a shelf or stuffed in a desk drawer. You never flip through it just to read advertisements... but when you need it - you pull it off the shelf and look for that specific product, company or service you need. Right? Thought so.

Please realize that the phone book yellow pages did not sell you anything. You as a customer initiated the sale yourself. This just happens to be the very first part of attraction marketing ~ the customer initiates the sale. Another example would be an auto parts store. Simply put they sell auto parts but many also do auto repairs so while the customer is shopping for parts he is also shown that auto repairs are available too. So the customer has the ability to ask questions he might have concerning a needed repair. By doing this the customer is attracted to the store. Your specific area is auto parts, information is given for free, and the customer begins to show loyalty to the auto parts store. In the end this is called attraction marketing. The auto parts store does not need to do cold calls, send out fliers, or hold a special sale... the customers are simply attracted to them.

Many internet guru's will try to lay claim to inventing the term and its use but they are wrong. The local enclosed shopping mall is a perfect example to prove the point. In the 70's shopping malls were the neatest thing around. They quickly became a place to hang out and be seen. A place to meet other people. Or a place to exercise by walking when the doctor says to walk but the weather is cold. Shopping malls encouraged these types of activities by having free concerts, offering your child's picture with Santa and other subtle attraction marketing ideas.

With the development of the internet, like the shopping mall, it has become a place to meet to exchange views. And as the internet grew with adding graphics and interactivity, and games it began to chip away at the shopping malls place. The internet is a social place for meeting people, having fun and also is a research platform. With the entrance of Google the internet quickly replaced the Yellow Pages. People began searching for auto parts and repairs online and it was not long before the business owners took notice.

Businesses began using attraction marketing on the internet.

As the customer base continues to shrink for many business owners they attribute it to the internet. Soon business owners began using the internet as an attraction and marketed to the much larger customer base. Soon they found that there was also loyalty and these customers came back to shop again and again when the customer was provided products and services that were easy to find.

In the end everyone uses attraction marketing to win customers and then to keep them.

The biggest bonus to the business owner is in advertising. No longer did they have to advertise in several printed publications in their local area. Now they were able to market to anyone worldwide. Customers are pulled by attraction marketing the the businesses site. These customers would be more qualified because they are looking for the product the business owner is selling. This streamlines the customer base to people interested in your product or service.

Attraction marketing has become a staple to not only big business but to small business to. It works and is here to stay!

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